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Send us any of your questions or appointment requests and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. If you give us a call, don’t hesitate to leave a voicemail as we only answer the phone if we are not actively working with patients. We always give a call back! We look forward to hearing from you!

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Synthesis Physical Therapy is located inside Motion Fitness Gym at 2101 Rexford Rd on the west side of the building.

We recommend parking on the west side of 2101 Rexford Rd and entering in through the Motion Fitness entrance. Once inside, walk through the lobby towards the back of the building and you will find Room 119 on the left.


Do we take insurance?

While we don’t accept insurance directly, we do provide you with what is called a superbill which has all the codes required for reimbursement by your insurance company.

We strongly encourage you to send the superbill to your insurance, but while many of our patients do get reimbursed we can never guarantee payment on their behalf.

Not accepting insurance allows us to treat you 1:1 for a full hour in a way that is dictated by you and your individual symptoms as opposed to your care being dictated by insurance limitations.

Because your care is more individualized and we get the full hour with you, our patients typically require less sessions both in terms of frequency and duration as compared to the traditional physical therapy model – saving you money overall!